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    China Kings Resources Group Co.,Ltd.

    China Kings Resources Group Co.,Ltd.

    Add: Room 2301, South Building, Anno Domini Mansion, No. 8 Qiushi Road, Hangzhou City, Zhejiang Province, PRC

    Zip code: 310013

    Office Tel: +86-571-88380819

    Sales Department Tel: +86-571-81387099

    About us

    China Kings Resources Group co.,ltd. is an industry group specializing in the investment and development of Fluorite Mine and production and trade of Fluorite products; our head office is situated in Hangzhou city, with 11 subsidiaries located in Zhejiang Province, Anhui Province and Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region. At present, our company is the biggest company in the fluorite Industry of China in terms of resources reserves, Mining and processing scales. We are receiving high reputation in this tirade for leading mining operation, management level, selecting technology and environmental governance, etc.  We now are the President unit of Zhejiang Fluorite Association, Vice Director Unit of Fluorite Committee of China Non-metallic Mine Association and Deputy Director Unit of Zhejiang Mining Association.
    There are more than 700 employees working in our company now, and our management team is consisted of over 50 talents, including doctors, masters and bachelors; moreover, there are more than 20 senior engineers and engineers working in our technical team, and more than 30 professional technicians are working in the key positions such as Mining geology, mining, measurement, ore dressing, chemical, mechanical and electrical, etc. We lay great stress on cultivation of young employees, thus we have more than 30 young reserve cadres now.
    At present, our company has more than 20 million tons of identified retain reserves of Fluorite resources, which is equal to nearly 10 million tons of mines. Currently, we own 8 mining rights of Fluorite and 3 exploration rights; especially, our Zhejiang Changshan Bamianshan Ore Field Gaowushan-Jiaokengwu Fluorite Mine was awarded the First prize for China excellent geological prospecting projects, and our Zhejiang Suichang County Hengkengping Mining Area won the Second Award of excellent Chinese geological prospecting projects.
    Sticking to such idea of "harmonious development among people, resources and environment", we work hard to construct green mining and ensure the safety in mines through promoting management and improving the efficiency of resource utilization vigorously. Up to now, our mining enterprises have won a lot of honors, including "advanced enterprise of energy conservation and emissions reduction, " "First-class enterprise of province for mine safety standard", "National green mining pilot unit", "Green mining of province" and "large taxpayer" and so on. At the same time, we have independently developed a number of high level intellectual property rights in the related fields. With the construction and finishing of all mining and dressing factories, our company is going to further consolidate the leading position in fluorite industry.

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